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Old Goodwin homestead on the Windsor road, 1912

Margaret Ann Goodwin (December 11, 1803 - January 23, 1890), also known by those who knew her best as "Aunt Margaret," was a member of the Goodwin family that settled on the Windsor road in northern Hartford, Connecticut.

Goodwin was born on December 11, 1803, the youngest daughter of several children born to Moses Goodwin and Mary Ann Burnham, in northern Hartford, Connecticut. She came from a family of ancestors that had resided on the Windsor road north of Hartford. Her family had settled in the "up neck" district years prior and owned large tracts of land. She grew up in the home and lived to be content to remain in the homestead, which had long sheltered her kin before her. Few people carried themselves more than Goodwin. She was more active than other people in managing the home until 1889, when failing eyesight and health forced her to be less proactive. She retained her faculties to the last day. In the winter that carried into 1890, her illness worsened at a steady pace. She remained unmarried throughout her life.

On January 23, 1890, while talking to her attendant in the Goodwin homestead, she dropped away peacefully into the sleep that knows no waking. Her funeral took place a few days later and the will left the estate to her niece, Olive Goodwin.