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Albert H. Matatall (1860 - April 2, 1929) was a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut, and one of the inventors of the electrically-welded pipe-joint.

On August 26, 1895, Albert and Ira C. Matatall applied for a patent for an electrically-welded pipe-joint in Harrison, New Jersey. Years after, he moved to the Elmwood section of West Hartford, Connecticut, where his children attended public school. In September 1904, his son attempted to marry a girl he had met at the Elmwood school. The Town Clerk told them that neither was of age and that they had to obtain the consent the consent of their parents. When her parents refused to let her sleep in the house, Albert's son let her stay at his home. By October 14, 1904, the family had a change of heart and the couple got married.

Albert purchased land on Grove Street and Princeton Street in Elmwood in 1911 and lived there for the remainder of his life.

On April 2, 1929, Matatall died, allowing his son to take his ome at 15 Grove Street in West Hartford.


Matatall married Susan Delanoy.