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Alfred Conrad Weeks, Sr. (1826 - 1864) was a sugar plantation owner in New Iberia, Louisiana.

Weeks was born in 1826 as the son of David Weeks and Mary Clara Conrad. He grew up in Louisiana on his father's sugar plantation. When his father died in 1834, he was given a part of his family's land and properties. The will reflected antebellum economic conditions and plantation operations. In 1847, he formed a partnership with his siblings for the management of the Grand Cote Plantation under the name of W. F. Weeks & Company, the beginning of a long series of contracts of partnership companies among the members of the Weeks and Moore families.

During the American Civil War, Weeks relocated to Texas with his slaves, where he began growing new crops and hiring his slaves out to other farmers or merchants, due to the presence of Union troops in the area. In 1864, Weeks died and was buried in Louisiana.


Weeks married Anne Stephens Hunter on July 3, 1845.