Ann Amelia Goodwin (May 5, 1834 - January 28, 1921) was a resident of Elmwood, West Hartford, Connecticut, and East Hartford, Connecticut. She was also a member of the First Congregational Church as well. She was born on May 5, 1834 in Elmwood, the daughter of Harvey Goodwin and Mary Sedgwick, his first wife. She grew up there until the 1860s when she moved to East Hartford, where her husband was a farmer. They lived in the oldest Burnham home in East Hartford by the next decade. Upon her husband's death in October 1901, she was appointed the executrix of his will and estate. She lived out the remainder of her years cheerful to the end.

On January 28, 1921, she died at the family home at the age of 86 in East Hartford, Connecticut.

Family Edit

Goodwin married Samuel Porter Burnham on February 17, 1863.

  • Wilbur Samuel Burnham
  • Mary Sedgwick Burnham
  • Willie Porter Burnham - died young.
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