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Anne Bramley (October 4, 1862 - October 22, 1949) was the wife of Harvey Burdette Goodwin, the President of the Goodwin Brothers Pottery in Elmwood, West Hartford, Connecticut. She was also the mother of significant Hartford citizens, including Wallace B. Goodwin, the real estate agent in West Hartford. She was born in Alfreton, Derbyshire, England on October 4, 1862 as the daughter of John B. Bramley and Martha Jepson. After she moved to the Hartford area with her family, she married Harvey Burdette Goodwin on June 10, 1885. Between 1886 and 1899, the couple had five children, living in their lavish home at the corner of New Britain Avenue and Newington Road in Elmwood, West Hartford.

Bramley was very involved in her community. On November 14, 1900, she met at Charles E. Lord's house for the Elmwood Literary Club and read "The Life of Helen Hunt Jackson." After the completion of Burgoyne Gardens in 1915, the family moved from their home on New Britain Avenue to 8 Burgoyne Street in Elmwood. She lived with her unmarried daughter, Shirley Bramley Goodwin, at the house, which was helpful after her husband died in November 1929, leaving her a widow.

On October 22, 1949, Bramley died at her home on Burgoyne Street after a long illness.