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Benjamin Colton's tombstone.

Benjamin Colton (1690 - February 28, 1759) was the first ordained pastor in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Colton was born in 1690 in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, as the son of Ephraim Colton and Esther Marshfield. He graduated from Yale College in 1710 and removed to West Hartford, Connecticut, where he became the first minister of the Fourth Church of the West Division on February 24, 1713. He served the position for 46 years from 1713 to 1759 until his death.

On February 28, 1759, Colton died in West Hartford, Connecticut.


Colton married first to Ruth Taylor on December 3, 1713 in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. She died on May 30, 1725.

  • Eli Colton
  • Ruth Colton
  • Theodosia Colton
  • Benjamin Colton, Jr.

Colton married second to Elizabeth Pitkin in 1726.

  • Lucina Colton
  • Elizabeth Colton
  • Abijah Colton - m. Mary Gaylor
  • Esther Colton
  • George Colton