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Captain Ebenezer Clark's tombstone

Captain Ebenezer Clark (July 12, 1711 - April 5, 1800) was a soldier in the American Revolution and a Deacon of the Church in Connecticut.

Clark was born on July 12, 1711 in Middletown, Connecticut, as the son of John Clark and Sarah Goodwin. He served for 45 years as the Deacon of the Church in Middletown, Connecticut as well. When the American Revolution broke out, he joined the ranks and served with the Continental Army against the British. After the war, he moved to Washington in Litchfield County, Connecticut, where he remained for the rest of his life.

On April 5, 1800, Clark died at the age of 88.


Clark married 1st. Abigail Whitmore/Wetmore on 21 Jun 1733.

  • Abigail Clark - m. Oliver Parmalee
  • Jedidiah Clark - m. Susannah Smith

Clark married 2nd. Ann Warner on 20 Sep 1739.

  • Tabitha Clark - m. John Calhoun
  • Ebenezer Clark, Jr. - m. Hannah Tenny
  • Ann Clark - m. Abner Moseley
  • Jerusha Clark - m. Thomas Parker
  • Sarah Clark - unmarried.
  • Joseph Clark - m. Mabel Bartholomew.