Catherine Michelle of Spain

Catherine Michelle of Spain

Catherine Michelle of Spain (October 10, 1567 - November 6, 1597) was a Duchess consort of Savoy by marriage. She also served as Regent of Savoy several times during the absence of her spouse.

She was born on October 10, 1567 as the youngest surviving daughter of Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth of Valois. Described as beautiful and intelligent, she was arrogant and well-aware of her high social status. she had a good relationship with her father, and exchanged letters with him after her marriage in 1585. The couple made their entrance to Turin, Italy, in Savoy, on August 10, 1585. She was initially unpopular because of her arrogance, and tried to introduce Spanish pomp and ceremony and way of dress to the Court in Turin. However, she soon gained respect because of her political and diplomatic skill, which she also used to defend the autonomy of Savoy against Spain. She refused the Spanish offer to install a Spanish garrison in Turin from Milan with the excuse of giving her a life guard. She also served as regent several times during the absence of the duke on military campaigns, such as during the Lyon campaign in 1594.

On November 6, 1597, Catherine Michelle died after she miscarried earlier in the year. Her father died the following year.

Family Edit

Catherine married Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy on March 11, 1585 as a way of gaining Spanish support for his plans to expand Savoy on the coast of the then-weakened France.

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