Goodwin, Charles Archibald

Charles Archibald Goodwin.

Charles Archibald Goodwin (November 18, 1876 - October 7, 1954) was the president of the State Savings Bank, chairman of the Metropolitan District Commission, and senior partner of the law firm of Shipman & Goodwin.

Goodwin was born on November 18, 1876 in Hartford, Connecticut, as the son of Francis Goodwin and Mary Alsop Jackson. He graduated from Yale University in 1898, from Harvard Law School in 1901, and was admitted to the Connecticut Bar in 1902. Until 1904, he was with the firm of Gross, Hyde, and Shipman. In that year, he formed the firm of Bennett and Goodwin, with Martin Toscan Bennett, and in 1919, he joined with Arthur L. Shipman, Sr., to establish the company of Shipman and Goodwin. Next to his eminence as an attorney, Goodwin became well-known for his long association with the Metropolitan District Commission. In 1928, he was named chairman to investigate the merits of the then-proposed District. A year later, he was named chairman of the District itself, a position which he held until 1949. For even a longer time, Goodwin was president of the board of trustees of the Wadsworth Atheneum, succeeding his predecessor in 1926. He had been treasurer of the museum from 1921 to that date.

On January 7, 1952, he was honored in recognition of his 50 years as a member of the Connecticut Bar. On October 7, 1954, Goodwin died suddenly at his home.

Family Edit

Goodwin married Ruth Cheney on June 29, 1912.

  • Charles Goodwin, Jr.
  • Dorothy Cheney Goodwin
  • Jonathan Goodwin
  • Nancy Goodwin
  • Benjamin Cheney Goodwin
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