Ebenezer Goodwin (bapt. May 29, 1743 - May 18, 1810) was a major landholder in New Hartford, Connecticut, and the great-great-grandson of Ozias Goodwin, one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut.

Goodwin was baptized on May 29, 1743 in West Hartford, Connecticut, the son of Isaac Goodwin and Ruth Gaylord, his second wife. After receiving his primary schooling in the town, he married Amy Webster, the daughter of Isaac Webster and Ame Webster of West Hartford. She was born around January 26, 1746. In 1762, Ebenezer Goodwin received from his grandfather, William Gaylord, a deed of 57 acres of land in the town of New Hartford in Litchfield County, to which place he soon moved, and became one of the leading citizens of the town. He was Lister in 172 and 1774, one of the Committee of Inspection in 1775-76, and one of the Committee of the Ecclesiastical Society from 1780 to 1796, holding various other positions. Ebenezer Goodwin also served in the American Revolutionary War as ensign and lieutenant of the 7th Company, 8th Regiment, of trainband.

After he married his wife, Amy Webster, in the early 1760's, they had twelve children between 1764 and 1783. He died in New Hartford on May 18, 1810, leaving his widow, Amy Webster, who would die on January 8, 1835, at the age of 89.

Children Edit

  • Ruth Goodwin - m. Husband Phillips
  • Ebenezer Goodwin - m. (1) Ruth Goodwin (2) Hannah W. Pond
  • Lucy Goodwin - m. John Birge
  • James Goodwin - m. Chloe Handerson
  • Seth Goodwin - m. Janet Croswell
  • William Goodwin (b. Jan. 5, 1775) - infant.
  • William Goodwin - m. Abigail Croswell
  • Norman Goodwin - m. Wife Skinner
  • Pitts Goodwin - m. (1) Miriam Gilbert (2) Jerusha Fyler
  • Horace Goodwin - m. Lydia Andrews
  • Polly Goodwin - m. Chauncey Burritt
  • Amanda Goodwin - m. Erastus Fenn
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