Ella J. Waters (March 4, 1852 - January 15, 1937) was the wife of Wilbur E. Goodwin and a resident of West Hartford, Connecticut. Waters was born on March 4, 1852 to Henry Waters and Emily Fairbanks in Hartford, Connecticut. On September 24, 1874, she married Wilbur E. Goodwin, the son of Harvey Goodwin and Frances Elmore, and a member of the firm of Goodwin Pottery in Elmwood, West Hartford. After her husband's death from nephritis in October 1905, she moved to Wethersfield Avenue in Hartford. She died on January 15, 1937 at Hartford Hospital.

Childre Edit

  • Maud Elmore Goodwin - m. September 27, 1899 - Thomas E. Waghorn
  • Herman Wilbur Goodwin (Oct. 24, 1877 - Mar. 17, 1878) - infant.
  • Roy Wilbur Goodwin - m. October 20, 1909 - Ethel C. Fitch
  • Florence Ella Goodwin - m. Newton W. Beckett
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