Day, George Herbert Sr.

George Herbert Day, Sr.

Day, George Herbert Sr. 2

Day, January 1907

George Herbert Day, Sr. (April 3, 1851 - November 22, 1907) was a prominent automobile businessman in Hartford, Connecticut.

Day was born on April 3, 1851 in Brooklyn, Connecticut, as the son of Willard Day and Catherine Brown. He received his education in the public schools of his native town, and entered Hobart College at Geneva, New York, in 1869, but left toward the end of his first year on account of trouble with his eyes. In October 1870, he removed to Hartford, Connecticut, and was engaged as clerk with the Charter Oak Life Insurance Company, remaining in that position seven years.

He resigned to enter the employ of the Weed Sewing Machine Company on October 1, 1877. He also became an early promoter of bicycling in Hartford, and he was one of the founders of the Connecticut Bicycle Club, the first wheel club in the city. He became secretary of the company on March 17, 1879 and then president and treasurer on March 25, 1887. In 1890, the Pope Manufacturing Company purchased the Weed stock, and became sole manager of the concern. In the reorganization, Day remained in charge of the manufacturing department in Hartford, as vice-president and general manager. Day became interested early in the automobile and made trips to Europe in 1897 to 1899 to study the French vehicles propelled by electricity. Early in the spring of 1899, steps were taken towards the combination of electric automobile interests. He severed his relations with the Pope Manufacturing Company in 1900 and became president of the Electric Vehicle Company. After three years of service, he retired a few years later.

On November 21, 1907, Day died in Daytona, Florida, where he had been for two weeks trying to regain his health and strength, as he had suffered from heart trouble for several years.

Family Edit

Day married Katherine Beach on October 13, 1877.

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