Harvey Goodwin (treasurer)

Harvey Goodwin, Aug. 1952

Harvey Goodwin (September 5, 1890 - September 18, 1975) was the treasurer of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company from 1948 to 1956. He was the grandson of Harvey Goodwin, the founder of the Goodwin Pottery Company in Elmwood, West Hartford, Connecticut, and a direct descendant of Ozias Goodwin, one of the founders of Hartford. Goodwin was also the director and secretary of the Connecticut Institute of the Blind. He was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, and a member of the Farmington Country Club. He was also a member of Immanuel Congregational Church.

Life and Death Edit

Goodwin was born on September 5, 1890 to Harvey Burdette Goodwin and Anne Bramley in Elmwood, West Hartford, Connecticut. He grew up in a lavish home at the corner of New Britain Avenue and Newington Road in West Hartford with his four other siblings, the youngest being Shirley Bramley Goodwin, who was born in 1899 when Goodwin was nearly ten years old. In his teenage years, he played baseball with his brother, Wallace B. Goodwin, in Elmwood, especially when a spacious lot was selected for a new field in April 1905, when he was fourteen years old.

At the age of 17, Harvey Goodwin joined the cashier's department of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1907. He continued his work with Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company throughout these decades, being appointed cashier in 1930. By 1948, he was elected treasurer of the company, having had financial experience with its activities. In August 1952, he was featured in the Hartford Courant after serving the company for 45 years.

In March 1914, his engagement with a woman was announced - Helen Eva Case. On June 15, 1914, he married Helen Case at the home of her parents at 55 May Street near St. Francis Hospital. The best man was his brother, Wallace B. Goodwin, the real estate developer. The decorations were laurel, peonies, ferns, and roses. Nearly 100 friends and relatives were present at the wedding ceremony. One of the wedding gifts was a purse of gold, given by Harvey's associates in the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company's office. Soon after the reception ended, the couple left for a short visit to Old Point Comfort in Virginia and Washington. When they returned from Groton, Connecticut, they made their home on September 10 at 467 Edgewood Street in the North End of Hartford. Years later, the couple lived at 56 Ridgewood Road in West Hartford. The couple had two children in the 1920's.

On September 18, 1975, Goodwin died at a local convalescent home, leaving his two children.

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