Jennette Croswell Goodwin (April 22, 1816 - November 8, 1910) was an Elmwood, West Hartford resident and a direct descendant of Ozias Goodwin. She was a seamstress in West Hartford and the sister of Harvey Goodwin, the founder of the Goodwin Pottery Company in Elmwood, West Hartford.

She was born on April 22, 1816 in West Hartford as the daughter of Pitts Goodwin and Miriam Gilbert - one of the youngest born to Pitts. She was also the great-granddaughter of Isaac Goodwin, one of the most prominent citizens of West Hartford, Connecticut in the 1740's. She was one of the oldest members of the West Hartford Congregational Church, becoming a member in 1838. She was a seamstress, and was considered thrifty and industrious. She was also a resident of Hartford, coming into the city when it was considerably smaller than many surrounding towns. In 1869, still unmarried, Goodwin moved into the home of Worcester B. Seymour on New Britain Avenue, living there for 38 years. She made friends in her old age of all with whom she came in contact.

In 1907, she moved into Hartford Hospital, not because of any special illness, but so that she might have a comfortable home. She was described as having a remarkably young mind for an old woman. She died on November 8, 1910 at Hartford Hospital at the age of 94. She was buried at Cedar Hill Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut.

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