John Clark (June 14, 1678 - after December 1743) was a resident of Middletown, Connecticut.

Clark was born on June 14, 1678 in Middletown, Connecticut, as the son of Sergeant John Clark and Elizabeth White. He grew up in the area and attended the local school. In 1720, his father gave him a homestead of thirteen acres in the region, where he lived with his wife of ten years at the time. In 1730, his father also deeded him 161 acres of land at Haddam, Connecticut. In 1735, John sold his homestead (with a small piece of meadow) for six hundred and twenty pounds. In 1743, he gave portions of his farm lying in the east side of the Connecticut River to each of his five sons. After this, he did not appear in the Middletown records, probably then returning to the family home in Haddam, Connecticut, where his 161 acres given him by his father was situated.

He was a man of property, as his homestead sold for six hundred and twenty pounds, and his farm was big enough to divide among five sons. He died sometime after December 1743.

Family Edit

Clark married Sarah Goodwin on May 9, 1710.

  • Ebenezer Clark - m. Ann Warner (1716-1795)
  • William Clark - m. Sarah LastName
  • John Clark, Jr. (Dec. 9, 1715 - Aug. 28, 1809) - m. Sarah Bock (b. Oct. 24, 1724)
  • Moses Clark (b. Mar. 25, 1718)
  • Aaron Clark (b. Mar. 2, 1720)
  • Sarah Clark (b. Aug. 4, 1723)
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