John Goodwin (bapt. May 19, 1672 - February 6, 1757) was the first of the Goodwin family to settle East Hartford, Connecticut across the Connecticut River. He was also, like his father and grandfather, a weaver by trade and prominent in local affairs. He was also a Collector of the Ecclesiastical Society in 1706; later he was one of the society's committee, and a Deacon of the Church for over 20 years.

Goodwin was born and baptized on May 19, 1672, the son of Nathaniel Goodwin and Sarah Coles. He grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. On January 25, 1697, he bought a tract of land from his brother, Nathaniel, Jr. This tract extended from the common fence at the top of the meadow bank eastward one and a half miles, and was fourteen rods wide, its southern boundary being identical with the northern line of the Center Cemetery in Hartford, Connecticut. On this tract was an old Indian fort, on a small promontory extending into the swamp, traces of which remained into the 1890's. Upon the turn of the 18th century, Goodwin removed to this tract on the east bank of the Connecticut River. He acquired much more land afterwards. Indeed, he and his sons deeded to Hartford in 1744 a roadway through this tract, more than one mile in length.

Goodwin died February 6, 1757 at the age of 86.

Family Edit

Goodwin married first to Sarah Coles. She died in May 1735.

  • Hannah Goodwin - m. Timothy Porter
  • Damaris Goodwin (Feb. 11, 1699 - Aug. 1723) - unmarried.
  • Mary Goodwin - m. Joseph Cowles
  • Sarah Goodwin - m. Samuel Smith
  • John Goodwin - m. Dorothy Pitkin
  • William Goodwin (1707 - Feb. 18, 1744) - unmarried.
  • Joseph Goodwin (1711 - Feb. 28, 1737) - unmarried.
  • Caleb Goodwin (1713 - Apr. 12, 1769) - unmarried, left a large estate to siblings.
  • Susanna Goodwin - m. Timothy Forbes
  • Richard Goodwin (1718 - Mar. 3, 1745) - unmarried.
  • Ruth Goodwin - m. John Abbe

Goodwin married second to Mary Hosmer in June 1740. She died on March 2, 1760.

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