John Seymour (January 1639 - 1713) was a settler of Hartford, Connecticut.

Seymour was born in January 1639 in Hartford, Connecticut as the son of Richard Seymour and Mercy Ruscoe. and grew up in the area with his family. He became a freeman of the city in 1667 and was a member - though not in full communion - of the South Church, when it was formed on February 12, 1670.

Seymour died in 1713 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Family Edit

Seymour married around 1665 to Mary Watson.

  • John Seymour, Jr. - m. Elizabeth Webster
  • Thomas Seymour
  • Mary Seymour
  • Margaret Seymour
  • Richard Seymour
  • Jonathan Seymour
  • Nathaniel Seymour
  • Zachariah Seymour
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