John Whiting Washington (October 4, 1773 - aft. 1830) was a resident of Virginia and Kentucky.

Washington was born on October 4, 1773 at the "Clifton" estate in Virginia as the son of Warner Washington, Jr., a cousin of the first President of the United States, George Washington, and Mary Whiting. He grew up in the area and after his marriage in Virginia, he removed to Kentucky, where he raised his family. The couple came to Logan County in 1804, probably with her parents, who settled in south Logan that same year. Starting in 1804, Washington bought city lots in Russelville, slaves, and land in the county. He built the house on the corner of Ninth Street and Rhea Boulevard in Russelville. In May 1824, Washington sold properties at sheriff sales.

Washington died sometime after 1830, as he was listed in the 1830 census, but not on any later ones.

Family Edit

Washington married Frances Baylor on January 16, 1799.

  • Robert Washington
  • Henry Washington
  • Gwynn Washington
  • Tucker Washington
  • Emily Washington
  • Eliza Washington
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