Joseph Matthaus Ball (May 24, 1649 - July 11, 1711) was an English immigrant and resident of the Colony of Virginia. He was also the maternal grandfather of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

Ball was born on May 24, 1649 as the second son of William Ball and Hannah Atherold in England. He sailed from England to Virginia sometime around 1660, making his home at a plantation called Epping Forest. He served as a justice of the county court, a vestryman for his church parish, as a Burgess (in 1698, 1700, and 1702), and as a lieutenant colonel in the county militia. After the death of his first wife in the early 1700s, he married a widow, who had two children from her previous marriage.

On July 11, 1711, Ball died at his estate of Epping Forest in Lancaster County, Virginia, when his last child was three years old.

Family Edit

Ball married first to Elizabeth Rogers/Romney.

  • Anne Ball - m. Colonel Edwin Conway
  • Elizabeth Ball - m. Rev. Joseph Carnegie
  • Esther Ball - m. Rawleigh Chinn
  • Hannah Ball - m. (1) Rawleigh Travers II (2) Simon Pearson
  • Joseph Ball - ???????

Ball married second to Mary Johnson, a widow whose last name is uncertain.

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