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Wolcott (Collins), Laura

Portrait of Laura Collins Wolcott.

Lorraine Collins (January 1, 1731 - April 19, 1794) was a resident of Litchfield, Connecticut, and the wife of Oliver Wolcott, the 19th Governor of Connecticut and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Collins was born on January 1, 1731 in Guilford, Connecticut, as the daughter of Capt. Daniel Collins and Lois Cornwall. She was descended from the first settlers, and brought up the manner of Connecticut women of well-to-do families of that day. After her marriage in 1755, she moved to Litchfield, Connecticut with her husband and raised a family of five children.

The Wolcotts enjoyed a loving marriage for almost forty years, despite the fact that Oliver spent many of those years away from home, helping to give birth to a new nation. During many of these years, almost the entire burden of directing his domestic affairs rested on her shoulders. During his long absences, Laura cared for and educated their children, and by her prudence and frugality provided the necessities of life for her family. Her patriotism was as strong as that of her husband. And while Oliver gave his money freely for the support of the Continental Army, Laura furnished blankets, stockings, and supplies from their farm for the Army, almost continuously. She made her home a place of comfort and tranquility, which was always open to anyone serving the patriotic cause, even during the war.

Collins did not live to see her husband in the Governor's chair, as she died in Litchfield, Connecticut, on April 19, 1794, at the age of 63.


Collins married Oliver Wolcott on January 21, 1755, and moved to Litchfield, Connecticut.