Martin Toscan Bennett (September 10, 1874 - December 16, 1940) was a lawyer and psychoanalyst in Hartford, Connecticut.

Bennett was born on September 10, 1874 in Hartford, Connecticut, as the son of Martin Bennett and Frances Woodruff Green. He graduated from Hartford High School in 1893 and attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, in 1894. He graduated from the Yale Law School in 1900 and became a member of the firm of Bennett & Goodwin after 1904.

When he practiced law in Hartford, Connecticut, Bennett was a partner of Charles A. Goodwin and Ernest Walker Smith. He took a leading part in the Farmer-Labor Party Convention, and he was active in the American Labor Party movement in Connecticut. The Farmer-Labor Party nominated him for United States Senator for Connecticut as well. He also served as a psychoanalyst in Hartford before he retired and removed to 230 Central Park West in New York.

On December 16, 1940, Bennett died in Morristown, New Jersey, in a private hospital after an illness of six months at the age of 66.

Family Edit

Bennett married first to Josephine Day on November 15, 1900. They were divorced in 1926.

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