Mary Austin Cogswell (March 20, 1801 - November 12, 1867) was a resident of Hartford, Connecticut and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Weld (Cogswell), Mary Austin

Mary Austin Cogswell's obituary, 1867.

Cogswell was born on March 20, 1801 in Hartford, Connecticut, as the daughter of Mason Fitch Cogswell and Mary Ledyard. She grew up in Hartford and resided there all her life. After her marriage in 1828, she removed to Philadelphia, where her husband worked as the principal of the Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb. She often returned to Hartford for many years, where her children lived and worked.

On November 12, 1867, Cogswell died in Hartford, Connecticut at the age of 66.

Family Edit

Cogswell married Lewis Weld on May 7, 1828.

  • Mason Cogswell Weld - m. Martha Millard Coles
  • Alice Cogswell Weld - m. William H. Hodge
  • Mary Elizabeth Weld - unmarried.
  • Charles Theodore Weld - unmarried.
  • Lewis Ledyard Weld - unmarried.
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