Mildred Reade (October 2, 1643 - c. January 4, 1694) was a resident of the Colony of Virginia and the last common ancestor of George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II.

Reade was born on October 2, 1643 as the daughter of Colonel George Reade and Elizabeth Martiau in Williamsburg, Virginia. She grew up in Gloucester County and married sometime before 1671. Her early married life was spent at the Warner estate at Chesake, in Gloucester County, Virginia. After her father-in-law's death in 1674, the couple inherited the Warner Hall estate, and the family lived there during the remainder of her life, except for the times when her husband was necessarily absent attending to his duties at the Capitol. After her husband's death in 1681, it was probably one of the lingering effects of Bacon's Rebellion of the 1670s that for many years after this event, a quantity of arms and ammunition was left in her possession at Warner Hall. In 1684, the Assembly called on the Governor of Virginia to appropriate these arms to public use, along with similar stores. She lived out her remaining years as mistress of Warner Hall.

Reade died sometime after January 4, 1694, the date she made her will. She bequeathed her father's Chesake estate to her son Robert and heirs. An Act of the Assembly passed in 1769 relates that upon the death of the two sons without heirs, the estate actually reverted to the four brothers as provided.

Family Edit

Reade married Augustine Warner, Jr. sometime before 1671.

  • Elizabeth Warner - m. John Lewis
  • Mildred Warner - m. (1) Lawrence Washington (2) George Gale
  • Mary Warner - m. John Smith
  • Augustine Warner III (1667-c. 1687) - died young.
  • George Warner - unmarried.
  • Robert Warner - unmarried.
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