Mildred Warner (1671 - January 30, 1701) was the paternal grandmother of George Washington, the future President of the United States.

Warner was born in 1671 in Gloucester County, Colony of Virginia, at Warner Hall, the family home, as the daughter of Augustine Warner, Jr. and Mildred Reade. She grew up in the area and settled into a plantation with her husband after her marriage in 1688. She lived at the family home of Warner Hall, about 3 miles south by southeast of the present-day Gloucester town in Gloucester County, Virginia. The estate at Warner Hall comprised a little over 33,000 acres, and was a huge tobacco plantation.

After the death of her husband in 1698, he bequeathed to her and the children shares in his estate, the profits from which were spent on their education. She remarried to a merchant in Whitehaven, England, who helped forge trade links with Virginia. She settled in Whitehaven, England and became pregnant. However, she contracted a fever and made her will before the baptism of her child.

Warner died on January 30, 1701. Her will placed care of the Washington children in the hands of her second husband, but this was later challenged in the Virginia courts by her first husband's cousin, John Washington, and their custody passed to him. Her will left most of the property she had inherited from her late husband to George Gale. Washington challenged this in court also. Warner was buried in the grounds of St. Nicholas' Church in Whitehaven, England, but the exact whereabouts of her grave is unknown, due to several graveyard rearrangements and a subsequent fire in the church in 1970.

Family Edit

Warner married Lawrence Washington in 1688.

Warner married second to George Gale.

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