Newell Elton Goodwin (August 25, 1849 - January 5, 1904) was a Treasurer of the Goodwin Pottery Company in Elmwood, West Hartford, Connecticut, and the brother of the President, Harvey Burdette Goodwin.

He was born on August 25, 1849 in Elmwood to Harvey Goodwin and Frances Elmore. He was educated in the region's local school system and worked with his father and brothers in the pottery business until 1870 when he took over the business with his brothers after his father couldn't handle management anymore.

In the early evening of January 5, 1904, Goodwin went to a windmill near his home to repair a water pump. When he did not return late in the night, members of his household became anxious and searched for him. When they arrived at the windmill, he was found dead on the floor, partly frozen, from a heart attack.

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