Ozias Goodwin (1596 - April 1683) was one of the founders of Hartford and the brother of Elder William Goodwin. He married Mary Woodward, the daughter of Robert Woodward of Braintree, Essex, England, and probably came from that region himself. He was one of the proprietors of land on the west side of Trumbull Street, containing four acres. He signed the agreement to settle Hadley, Massachusetts in 1659 with his brother, but did not go. A home-lot was assigned to him at Hadley, renewing the grant on December 19, 1661. He died before April 1683, leaving his three children. He left numerous descendants, who served as prominent citizens, such as the late Judge Nathaniel Goodwin, the distinguished antiquarian and genealogist, who was a great-great-great-grandson of Ozias' son, Nathaniel Goodwin.

Children Edit

  • William Goodwin (1629 - Oct. 15, 1689) - m. Susanna Goodwin
  • Nathaniel Goodwin (1637-1713) - m. (1) Sarah Coles (2) Elizabeth Pratt
  • Hannah Goodwin (1639-) - m. William Pitkin
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