Pitts Goodwin (January 28, 1779 - August 2, 1864) was a New Hartford, Connecticut farmer, descendant of Ozias Goodwin, and the father of the famous pottery maker, Harvey Goodwin.

Life and Death Edit

Pitts Goodwin was born on January 28, 1779 in New Hartford, Connecticut, as the son of Ebenezer Goodwin and Amy Webster. He was the grandson of Isaac Goodwin and the great-great-great-grandson of Ozias Goodwin, one of the founders of Hartford. He was a farmer in New Hartford throughout his life during an active business career and with two exceptions, he slept in the same room every night. In 1801, he married Miriam Gilbert, the daughter of Joseph Gilbert of Litchfield. Between 1802 and 1818, the couple remained in New Hartford and had nine children. On December 11, 1842, his first wife, Miriam Gilbert, died at the age of 42 and he sought a second wife - he married Jerusha Fyler on December 25, 1822, the daughter of Ulysses Fyler of Torrington, Connecticut.

All of Pitts Goodwin's children were by his first marriage. His first child, Harvey Goodwin, would be the founder of an immense pottery business in West Hartford, Connecticut in the following decades. On August 2, 1864, during the American Civil War, Goodwin died in New Hartford, leaving his second wife - Jerusha Fyler - a widow until her death on August 2, 1875 at the age of 89.

Children Edit

  • Harvey Goodwin - m. (1) Mary Sedgwick (2) Frances A. Elmore
  • Nancy Goodwin - m. John Brusie
  • Miriam Webster Goodwin - m. Henry D. Bolles
  • Urania Goodwin - m. Amos Crocker
  • Sherman Goodwin - m. (1) Clarissa Hurlbut (2) Lorana L. Pratt (3) Mary Withey (4) Mary A. L. Bowles
  • Joseph Goodwin (b. 1812) - died young.
  • Theodosia Goodwin - m. Edward B. Russell
  • Jennette Goodwin (1816-1910) - resided in Elmwood, Conn., unmarried.
  • Joseph Gilbert Goodwin - m. Sarah Smith
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