Return Strong Mather (January 1, 1771 - May 19, 1846) was a resident of Windsor, Connectiuct.

Mather was born on January 1, 1771 in Windsor, Connecticut, as the son of Elijah Mather and Mary Strong. He grew up in Hartford county and lived as a farmer in the area for his entire life.

On May 19, 1846, Mather died in Windsor, Connecticut, at the age of 75.

Family Edit

Mather married Patty Shepard Clark on May 8, 1798 in Hartford, Connecticut.

  • William Mather - m. Jane Carolyn Holcomb
  • Elijah Mather - m. Melvina Case
  • Samuel Mather - m. Julia Sill
  • Mary Mather - m. Henry P. Sweetser
  • Huldah Mather - m. Allen Pinney
  • Charles Mather - m. Cornelia Jane Goodwin
  • Timothy Mather - m. Nancy Chapin
  • Lydia Clark Mather - died young.
  • Sarah J. Mather - died young.
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