Roy W. Goodwin (July 5, 1880 - December 4, 1960) was the grandson of Harvey Goodwin, the founder of the Goodwin Pottery Company in West Hartford, Connecticut. He was an 8th-generation descendant of Ozias Goodwin, one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut.

Born in Elmwood on July 5, 1880 to Wilbur E. Goodwin and Ella Waters, he received his schooling into the early 1900's in the regional school system. He was married to Ethel Fitch on October 20, 1909 and the two moved from Elmwood, West Hartford to Staten Island, New York. On December 4, 1960, he died at Staten Island at the age of 80.

Children Edit

  • Norma Goodwin
  • Alice Goodwin
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