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Sophia Pierpont's tombstone.

Sophia H. Pierpont (March 9, 1785 - May 9, 1868) was the mother of Willis J. Goodsell, the husband of a 7th-generation descendant of Ozias Goodwin, one of the founders of Hartford.

Pierpont was born on March 9, 1785 in Litchfield, Connecticut, as the daughter of Evelyn Pierpont, an officer in the American Revolution, and Rhode Collins. After her marriage in 1801, she removed to New Haven, Connecticut, where she lived for her remaining years to start a family of eleven children. After her husband's death in 1828, she continued living there for many years. In August 1832, she was struck with a case of cholera, but she recovered.

On May 9, 1868, Pierpont died in New Haven, Connecticut.


Pierpont married Jacob Goodsell in November 1801.

  • Willis J. Goodsell - m. Ann Goodwin
  • Alfred C. Goodsell - m. Sarah Ludington
  • Louisa Goodsell - m. Jesse J. Bull
  • Evelyn Pierpont Goodsell - m. Eliza Tallmadge
  • Charlotte A. Goodsell - m. Volney Pierce
  • James H. Goodsell - m. (1) Ruanah Mallory (2) Mary Stevens
  • George W. Goodsell - m. FirstName Nettleton
  • John D. Goodsell - m. FirstName Turner
  • Samuel M. Goodsell - unmarried.
  • Sarah Goodsell (1813 - Jan. 27, 1814) - infant.
  • FrancesA. Goodsell (1814 - Sept. 20, 1815) - infant.