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Sarah Whitman Hooker house, West Hartford, CT.


[1]Thomas Hart Hooker, Jr. (March 3, 1772 - March 16, 1843) was a farmer in West Hartford, Connecticut.

Hooker was born on March 3, 1772 in West Hartford, Connecticut, as the son of Thomas Hart Hooker and Sarah Whitman Hooker. He was a direct descendant of Thomas Hooker, one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut. He grew up in the Sarah Whitman Hooker house on the top of New Britain Avenue and South Main Street. In his young days, he led quite an adventurous life at sea, but after his marriage in 1798, he settled down at West Hartford, Connecticut, where he lived as a farmer.

On March 16, 1843, Hooker died in West Hartford.


Hooker married Betsey Mills on September 27, 1798.

  • Sarah Jane Hooker - m. ?
  • Thomas Mills Hooker - m. Martha Hazard Howland
  • Harriette Maria Mills Hooker - m. Azariah Eddy
  • Abigail Talcott Hooker
  • Eliza Whitman
  • Edward Foster Mills Hooker - m. Sarah Pengree
  • Julia Ann Hooker
  • Catherine Leavitt Hooker
  • Julia Ann Hooker (Mar. 6, 1803 - Sept. 5, 1807) - died young.
  • Note says this is Thomas Hart Hooker, but not which one. miniature. Painted on ivory