Timothy Hosmer (September 1745 - November 29, 1815) was a surgeon during the American Revolutionary War in charge of the Avon Mountain camp site hospital. He was the great-grandson of Stephen Hosmer, the earliest permanent settler of West Hartford, Connecticut. As a well-known physician in Hartford County, Hosmer became a founder of the Connecticut Medical Society, organized in 1792.

Life and Death Edit

Timothy Hosmer was born in September 1745 in West Hartford, Connecticut to Stephen Hosmer and Deliverance Graves. He was the great-grandson of Stephen Hosmer, the earliest permanent settler of West Hartford. His father, Stephen, had a house on land that had originally belonged to the Stephen Hosmer who built the sawmill on Trout Brook.

During the Revolutionary War, he took charge of the West Division hospital at a camp site north of Albany Avenue and west of Mountain Road on the slope of Avon Mountain in 1779 after General Israel Putnam's troops departed for Danbury. After the war, in 1784, he requested the State of Connecticut to pay money due to him for service in the years 1777-1779, including the duty at the West Division camp. It was still due in 1790. In 1792, he was a founding member of the Connecticut Medical Society.

After the war, Hosmer visited the Genesee country in New York and decided to move there after 1790. He continued his medical practice, became a judge in Ontario County, and died on November 29, 1815.

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