West (Croshaw), Unity

The manor house at Elsing Green was built by her granddaughter and her husband between 1715 and 1720.

Unity Croshaw (1636 - April 20, 1669) was a resident of Kent County, Virginia.

Croshaw was born in 1636 at West Point in the Colony of Virginia as the daughter of Joseph Croshaw and Elizabeth Yeardley. Her father was one of the main figures of early Jamestown's settlement. She was christened at West Point and became well-known as the reportedly shrewish wife of Colonel John West, who divorced him for adultery when he left her to live with a Native American queen.

Croshaw died on April 20, 1669 in Kent County, Virginia.

Family Edit

Croshaw married John West around 1664.

  • John West III - m. Judith Armistead
  • Thomas West - m. Agnes (?)
  • Nathaniel West - m. Martha Woodard
  • Anne West - m. Henry Fox
  • Ursula Unity Susanna West - m. George Thomas Martin
  • Thomas Oliphant West - m. Agnes Frances Burton 
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