Watson Beach Day (September 15, 1882 - September 23, 1970) was an investor and chairman of the board of Clark Estate Incorporated, and a resident of Litchfield, Connecticut.

Day was born on September 15, 1882 in Hartford, Connecticut as the son of George Herbert Day, Sr. and Katherine Beach. He graduated from Pomfret School in 1902 and from Yale's Sheffield Scientific School in 1905. He was employed soon after by Edward Corning Clark Estate after graduation. He became chairman of the board of Clark Estate Incorporated, the successor of the farm he started work with. The firm did investment work for the family and descendants of Edward Corning Clark, most of whom lived in New York. After his retirement, he continued living in Litchfield, Connecticut.

On September 23, 1970, Day died at his home after a long illness.

Family Edit

Day married first to Lillian Willis Underhill on June 29, 1907.

  • George Herbert Day
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