William Clark (August 31, 1713 - September 26, 1812) was a shoemaker in Middletown, Connecticut, and a soldier in the American Revolutionary War.

Clark was born on August 31, 1713 in Middletown, Connecticut as the son of John Clark and Sarah Goodwin. He grew up in Middletown and was educated in the local school. After his marriage, he resided near his father for many years. He worked as a shoemaker. After the war, he settled on a farm in Middletown with his son, Stephen.

On September 26, 1812, he died at the age of 99 from the effect of a fall and old age.

Family Edit

Clark married Mary Wright on February 7, 1744.

  • Elizabeth Clark
  • Stephen Clark - m. Prudence Hale
  • Mary Clark
  • Samuel Clark
  • Lucy Clark
  • Mary Clark - died young.
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