William Goodwin (1658-1733) was a Hartford weaver by trade and the grandson of Ozias Goodwin, one of the original founders of Hartford. He was born in 1658 in Hartford, Connecticut, as the son of William Goodwin and Susanna Goodwin. He grew up in the area and attended the local school. He succeeded his father as sexton and served as a weaver by trade.

He was elected Constable in 1695-1697, 1704-1705, 1711-1715, and 1722-1723. He was also named as Hartford Selectman in 1728 and 1731. A commission dated April 18, 1716 apponted him Deputy Sheriff of Hartford County, signed by Samuel Webster, Sheriff, which was still in possession of his descendants. Goodwin died between July 23 and November 6, 1733.

Family Edit

Goodwin married Elizabeth Shepard in July 1680.

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